Hopes and Dreams…

Philosophers always say never to let hope die; because if hope dies then so does the essence of life. Hope and dreams are sort of synonymous. We hope and we dream for these two things bring charm to life. Hope gives us the promise of better things to come whereas dreams provide us with numerous opportunities to want the unexpected and experience stuff that is wild.

We hope and we dream for they take us away from reality; they provide us moments of joy and sheer happiness and bliss; they detach us from the harsh and bitter realities of the real world. Hopes and dreams distance us from ourselves and allow us to explore horizons far beyond our reach in real life.

But what if we hope too much and dream too wild that when we finally get back to reality, the fall is long and hard and it hurts terribly? What if we, in order to get our 15 minutes of happiness, get so lost and confused that reality starts to seem like a nightmare? Then the whole point of hoping and dreaming disappears. When dreams are crushed mercilessly, the pull and attraction of dreams vanishes, to be replaced by harsh reality that stings very bad and spreads venom through your body, mind and soul.

The whole point of life, in my opinion, is standing up to challenges and dealing with them head on. But at times the bitterness of realities test the fragile hearts and feeble minds to the limit. It stretches the tender strings of hopes and dreams to the point where they are beyond repair and damaged for good.


About bibliophile58

Living life large, from the comforts of my locked room, with my best friend, me dear, darling laptop. I'm an introvert and that has landed me quite a few labels that are totally untrue in their essence. I over-think and over-judge, so I guess it is a little hypocritical of me to dislike most people in the world. I live through my imagination. There has never been a movie I've seen or a book I've read that has not got my mind reeling imagining me as a part of that series. It usually leads me to spend hours locked up in my room, in front of the mirror, acting out my elaborate fantasies. And it is in these moments when I'm truly myself. I get to be whatever and whoever I want to be. Within the confines of my room, I can forget about the harsh realities of my life and shortcomings of my real self, and just let loose. I give new meaning to building sand castles in the air ever time I lock myself up, mostly with a creepy but extremely satisfactory smile on my face. I have a bucket list that includes simple things like driving a Lamborghini at break neck speed, to extravagant wishes like owning a book store and travelling the world visiting historical places and all the cricket stadiums. If only I had someone like Zac Efron's character in New Year's Eve to make my wishes come true! Introvert. Avid reader. Passionate writer. My heroes: Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen, and of course their dare devil vigilante/alter egos Batman and Arrow!
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