Life Lessons from The Blind Side!!!

Starting friendships in the most unknown circumstances with the most unlikely people

Gratitude for the small things that we take for granted!

For a change, doing the right and the hard thing, irrespective of what the world might say!

As soon as the movie starts and you hear Sandra Bullock’s southern accent explaining the American football in the simplest terms possible, you know that this movie is something special. The starting of the movie and the introduction to Michael Oher’s life is something that had me crying up to the point where Michael goes out shopping with Leanne. Throughout the movie though I had to keep reminding myself that this was not some fairy-tailed Hollywood version of a story; this was real. This story was real, these people were real and whatever happened actually happened. This was hard core non-fiction and the best and the worse attributes of human nature brought out wonderfully by the actors.

The small yet highly significant life lessons given in the movie hit you hard. For me, every single scene was exceptionally moving and made me realize above all how many things we take for granted and how easily we forget how incredibly lucky and blessed we are to have things like food, shelter and a loving and caring family. Leanne Tuohy is an incredible woman who saved a life from being ruined by poverty and negligence. She is a true hero who opened not only her home but also her heart to this misunderstood boy who was just lost.

What I find amazing is how nicely all the members of the Tuohy family accepted Michael in to their lives. They accepted the differences but never made Michael feel like an outsider. I find it incredible that even after having a black president, people in America can be so prejudiced and racists. What the Tuohy family did was fascinating and heartwarming.

There were many scenes that just gutted me. For starters, the time when Michael goes in to the school carrying a polythene bag made me want to beg for forgiveness so badly. I have a perfectly fine bag but I’ve been saving up money and wanting to buy a nice, branded bag that made a statement. Well, carrying a polythene bag certainly makes a statement. Then secondly that part where Michael is heading towards the gym because ‘it’s warm’ had me hiccupping. Then there was that part where Michael wanted a driver’s license just because he wanted to have his identity on something solid. But the part that really struck me was so simple yet spoke volumes of Michael’s character was when he tells Leanne that whenever something bad was happening, all he did was close his eyes. It’s so simple it’s really unbelievable.

The Blind Side carries a lot of tough life lessons, none easy to adapt to. But it tells me that in this cruel and bad world, where all Hollywood cares about is making big budget flicks about the world ending, there still is some hope. There still are people who do good and have pure hearts. People, who might not look big on the outside, but have really big hearts and have the infinite capacity to love and affect change.


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Living life large, from the comforts of my locked room, with my best friend, me dear, darling laptop. I'm an introvert and that has landed me quite a few labels that are totally untrue in their essence. I over-think and over-judge, so I guess it is a little hypocritical of me to dislike most people in the world. I live through my imagination. There has never been a movie I've seen or a book I've read that has not got my mind reeling imagining me as a part of that series. It usually leads me to spend hours locked up in my room, in front of the mirror, acting out my elaborate fantasies. And it is in these moments when I'm truly myself. I get to be whatever and whoever I want to be. Within the confines of my room, I can forget about the harsh realities of my life and shortcomings of my real self, and just let loose. I give new meaning to building sand castles in the air ever time I lock myself up, mostly with a creepy but extremely satisfactory smile on my face. I have a bucket list that includes simple things like driving a Lamborghini at break neck speed, to extravagant wishes like owning a book store and travelling the world visiting historical places and all the cricket stadiums. If only I had someone like Zac Efron's character in New Year's Eve to make my wishes come true! Introvert. Avid reader. Passionate writer. My heroes: Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen, and of course their dare devil vigilante/alter egos Batman and Arrow!
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  1. Yael Allums says:

    so a lot amazing info on here, : D.

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